20 More Ways You Know You’re Married to a GeekDad


Photo: BrimleyPhoto: Brimley

Photo: Brimley

After reading Kathy’s great post, I thought I’d add a few more suggestions from my GeekDad experience. Many of these pertain to my own GeekDad husband, Michael, who’s got gamer/gadget/RPG leanings.

  1. His idea of pillow talk is asking you to roll for initiative.
  2. He’s done computer repair for everyone in your family. And they all think he’s a genius.
  3. He still cries watching The Lord of the Rings.
  4. Upon the birth of your first child, he raised his fists and said, “W00t!”
  5. You get IMs or DMs from him while he’s across the room/upstairs/next to you.
  6. Immediately after your child is born, he uses it as an excuse for buying more LEGO.
  7. When your two-year-old stumbles upon a Dungeon Master’s Guide, he says, “Daddy!”
  8. He asks for complete and utter silence when Alton Brown is on TV.
  9. He’s reading Dragonlance, again, “just to refresh his memory.”
  10. He’s constantly coming up with new iPhone app ideas, even though he may not own one.
  11. You can’t remember who squealed louder last Christmas when the grandparents got your kid a Wii.
  12. There is at least one sword hanging in your house—maybe even a mace or some throwing stars.
  13. He knows what caltrops are.
  14. You can’t pass by a Best Buy or Apple Store without him pleading at you with puppy eyes.
  15. He is conspicuously absent on Free Comic Book Day, Free RPG Day or the opening of any Star Wars/Star Trek films.
  16. He seriously considered, and/or purchased, an array of odd doohickeys to monitor your child in utero.
  17. He put together a playlist for your child before they were even born, starting it off with “Birdhouse in Your Soul”.
  18. You’ve been stood up for a raid.
  19. You felt like a widow when Fallout 3 came out.
  20. He will never sing in front of people… unless it’s playing Rock Band or for your kid.
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