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This Wednesday, sci-fi fans in the UK and Ireland are to get something we’ve waited two years for, and at least in my wife’s case had almost given up hope of ever seeing: season 3 of ReGenesis.

For those who aren’t familiar with the show, ReGenesis was a Canadian show that ran for four seasons from 2004 to 2008 and revolved around the scientists of NorBAC (The North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission), a fictional laboratory in Toronto. The show dealt with bioterrorism, genetic engineering, new diseases and environmental change; often addressing the political and ethical side of the story as well as a 24 style action/disaster-prevention plot. It’s been called ‘The Finest Sci-Fi TV You’ve Never Seen’ by is one of those shows that, if you get to love it you’ll want to tell everyone about.
I’ll make the argument that Canada produces some great geeky shows – Due South was a clever twist on the buddy cop drama and Forever Knight foreran shows like Moonlight and Angel (and arguably worked a lot better than the former), so when ReGenesis started it was right in my wheelhouse. Peter Outerbridge (who has made a pretty good living as a sci-fi TV guest star) is a strong lead and the supporting cast more than pulls their weight. I should warn, however that the show does get pretty preachy – the writers and/or producers do have a moral agenda as far as the technologies on show are concerned, and whereas they’re not always as conservative, or even as liberal, as you might expect from a writers’ room, they pull no punches in expressing them.

The series ran in the UK on Sci-Fi for seasons one and two, but as is often the way with these things it was dropped as it was not attracting the audience. It probably wasn’t helped by the timeslot – I seem to remember it was on quite late at night, so when word came through of its demise we resigned ourselves to either waiting for Canada’s Movie Network (who produce the show) to get around to releasing DVDs, or to resort to less than legitimate means. The sting of the show’s passing was doubled by the fact that the season two ends on a fairly significant cliffhanger – there was some uncharacteristically foul language used in this house when we learned that it would not return.

Then late last year, an unlikely white knight arrived in the form of the FX TV Channel, which announced that it was showing the first season. Season 2 followed soon afterwards and speculation began that they would finally let us have season three. There are claims on the Digital Spy forums that season 4 will follow immediately, but I for one am taking a ‘wait and see’ stance. Once bitten, and so on.

US viewers who wish to catch up can do so on, although at time of writing seasons one through three only are available. So in case it ends on a cliffhanger again, you might want to hold out. If FX (UK) is available to you, season 3 starts this Wednesday (May 6th) at 9pm.

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