More Geeky Cakes Than You Can Shake a Stick At

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I think everyone can agree we’ve been much more restrained with the quantity of our geeky cake posts lately.  However, when a blockbuster of this magnitude comes along, we have to do something about it.  I’ll just post a couple images here, and then you’ll have to run over to Web Urbanist to see the rest.


Only problem with this cake?  Whoever made it wasn’t a real classic Trek fan.  They’ve got Scotty next to Sulu (where’s Chekov?) and Uhura’s totally on the wrong side (at Engineering rather than Communications)!  But it looks really cool, so I guess we’ll give it a pass… this time.

Update: as Jeff B points out in the comments, and I should have darn-well remembered, the Star Trek cake was made by Duff and crew at Charm City Cakes (Ace of Cakes on Food Network).  I saw that episode, but totally forgot about it while writing this post.  Bad me!

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