How’s This For A Star Wars Mashup?

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Two of every GeekDad’s favorites, Lego and Star Wars, have just celebrated their 10th anniversary, but should they ever decide to split up – or even if Star Wars fancied a bit on the side – I know where that galaxy ” … Far, Far Away” could turn to on the rebound…

I’ve been a big fan of Chuck Taylor All Stars for over 20 years now, always having at least one pair in the closet and sometimes as many as 4 pairs on the go at the same time. So it was only a matter of time until my little one would join the club.

She had one pair of safe, sensible, Clarks shoes whilst still learning to walk, but as soon as she’d mastered it, we rushed out and got her first pair, in bubblegum pink of course. She’s now just over 3 years old and already on to her fourth pair – white with purple laces and multi-colored hearts on the double tongue!

She always wants to wear them, but bizarrely refers to them as her ‘Star Wars’ shoes, even though she hasn’t actually watched any of the movies yet! (I blame her older cousins for that one, nothing to do with me at all, obviously.)

Genius idea, I thought – why haven’t Converse and Lucas teamed up on this one?


The possibilities are almost endless, and I don’t just mean slapping a big ‘Star Wars’ (or more likely ‘Clone Wars’) logo on the side of a pair Chucks, I’m not a big fan of licensing just for the sake of it. I’m talking about some clever stylistic takes on the Star Wars universe.

How about a pair made up in the bright orange of Luke’s X-Wing pilot outfit, or the colours of Boba Fett’s armor? x-wingstarsx-wingstars
Maybe the double-upper versions styled to look like Jedi Robes or an Emperors Guard pair, made up in patent deep red leather? Then there’s the really high-top versions that could be Han’s high boots or those of the Imperial Officers.

The surface of the Death Star would look great printed along the side, as would Darth Maul’s red and black face tattoos. alldeathstaralldeathstar

For the girls, there could be any of Amidala’s gowns or the pure white of Leia’s Cloud City outfit – with the Danish of course. Not sure how you could incorporate the chain mail bikini yet, but there’s got to be a way.

What about a standard Stormtrooper issue black and white or maybe Endor camo colours? And let’s not forget the droids either. White with blue trimmings for Artoo, gold with wiring on the tongue for Threepio.allstardetooallstardetoo

Of course, you can already make your own Converse in loads of color combos in their ‘Design Your Own’ flash app (although they still won’t ship them outside the US, grrrr), but wouldn’t it be cool to have that official bit of Lucas magic?

I’d buy at least two pairs!

[Post by new GeekDad writer Nathan Barry]

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