GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Murder at the Goblin’s Tooth – Solution

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Image: Fellowship of the RingImage: Fellowship of the Ring

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Mung the Ranger has been found dead in the dining hall of the Goblin’s Tooth Inn. Poison, poison in the ale!

The local magistrate has ordered a Hero, a Sorcerer, a Dwarf, and an Elf to the lounge area for questioning. They are seated as shown in two chairs and a bench in front of the fireplace. Their names, not necessarily in any order, are Gorn, Alain, Radnor, and Fyn.


The waiter has just poured out a glass of whisky for Radnor and some meade for Alain.

The Hero looks up and in the mirror above the fireplace sees a door close behind the waiter. He then turns to Fyn, who is next to him, and starts talking.

Neither Gorn nor Alain have any sisters.

The Sorcerer does not drink.

Gorn, who is sitting in one of the chairs, is the Dwarf’s brother-in-law. The Sorcerer is next to him on his left.

Suddenly, there is a hand putting something in Radnor’s whisky. It is the murderer! No one has left his seat. Nobody else is in the room.

Who is the murderer? What is the profession of each individual and where is he sitting?


From the first and fourth fact, the Sorcerer is not Radnor or Alain.

Per the second fact, the Hero is not Fyn and the Hero probably is seated in C or D in order to see the door in the mirror. Fyn is not seated in A.

Per the fifth point, Gorn is not the Dwarf or the Sorcerer making Fyn the Sorcerer. Gorn is therefore sitting at A with the Sorcerer at B.

Since the Hero is next to Fyn and sitting at C or D, the Hero is at C. The Hero is not Gorn making Gorn the Elf by elimination. Therefore, the Dwarf is sitting at D.

Since Gorn is the Dwarf’s brother-in-law and neither Gorn nor Alain have any sisters, the Dwarf is not Alain but is the Hero and Radnor is the Dwarf.

The complete solution:

A—Gorn the Elf
B—Fyn the Sorcerer
C—Alain the Hero
D—Radnor the Dwarf

Alain the Hero is the poisoning scoundrel.

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