‘Stachetastic On The iPhone — The Best $2 I Have Ever Spent

Geek Culture

Photo_2Photo_2The other day I was browsing the iTunes store, looking for something silly to do with the kids, when I came across ‘stachetastic. This app lets you grab a photo from your gallery or take a new one with your iPhone’s camera and add a beard, mustache, glasses, horns or any combination of more than three dozen facial accoutrements.

After augmenting your photo, you can easily rotate, resize and make minor color adjustments to the facial hair of your newly bearded brother, sister or mother-in-law, before e-mailing or adding to your favorite social networking site.

‘Stachetastic is not only popular with kids, but grown-ups as well. Retrieving my phone was as difficult at a fundraiser Saturday night as it was on the sideline of our flag football game Saturday morning. And ‘stachetastic has elicited more giggles than our previous iPhone favorite (not to mention being more socially acceptable).

‘stachetastic (iTunes store link), $1.99 on sale now for $0.99!

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