MythBusters’ Demolition Derby Special Kicks Off the New Season Tomorrow Night

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The MythBusters are back for a seventh season tomorrow night, and we at GeekDad couldn’t be happier. It’s no secret that we’re all huge fans of the show, and the two-hour season premiere is more of the same great action we’ve come to expect.

They split up the myths as usual: Adam and Jamie take some, and Kari, Grant and Tory take some. Adam and Jamie first look into whether the bus in Speed could really have made the sharp turn with all the passengers on one side, and then revisit the attempt to pancake the compact car between two semis from season three. Meanwhile the other three work on driving cars through various things as seen in movies—including, among others, a fruit stand—and then attempt to recreate that Lexus ad from 2007 where the car on the ground beats the car dropped from a helicopter.

There is, of course, much planning and a great many spectacular wrecks involved as well. It’s everything you could ever want from a MythBusters episode, with at least a few conclusions you probably won’t expect. As usual, much of the fun comes from the interaction between the teammates: I always get a kick out of Adam and Jamie in particular, because they have such wildly different personalities. Only true fans of the show will appreciate just how rare this is—and don’t blink, or you might miss it—but Jamie is actually excited and happy on camera for a few seconds!

Later this month they’ll have episodes testing whether a double-dipped chip is as bad as Seinfeld made it out to be, whether banana peels are really as slippery as their reputation has it (of which see a preview after the jump), and—the one I can’t wait for—whether the YouTube video of the 7-foot diameter LEGO ball is legit.

MythBusters airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT and 8pm CT. If you haven’t yet, listen to our interview with Adam from last month.

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