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It’s been a while since we featured any images from the GeekDad Flicker Group (please join!), but the members haven’t been shy about sending us some great pictures, so I figured I’d better get off my duff and post a few.


Pacific ProwlerPacific Prowler

The perfect solution to pay for college: sponsorships!

Baby Rubens BarrichelloBaby Rubens Barrichello

All Hail the Makerbot! (thanks, Bre!)

MakerBot Founders and Final PrototypesMakerBot Founders and Final Prototypes

More in the extended post!

Brother, can you spare a shiny gold coin?


Man, the line for this ride goes all the way around the block!

Brickfest 2009Brickfest 2009

Epic fail.

the birthday boythe birthday boy

To boldly glue where no one has glued before.

Glue bottle rocketshipGlue bottle rocketship

Gentlemen, start your potential energy.


A GeekDad’s desk.

What is on a GeekDad's desk? - Mini9IMG_6518What is on a GeekDad's desk? - Mini9IMG_6518

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