GeekDad at Maker Faire – an Update


Just wanted to give everyone an update on the plans for the GeekDad booth at Maker Faire this year. If you were following me on Twitter today, you might have read my excited tweet about receiving 9 boxes of LEGOs at my doorstep. Three of those large, packing-size boxes were filled to the brims with random blocks and pieces that kids will be able to play with. The other six were filled with box sets from the Pirates and Indiana Jones collections, which we will be giving away at the booth.

And if that weren’t enough, I have a promise of a batch of cool, geeky items from our friends at ThinkGeek to give away (and some TG t-shirts, too!). And last, but not least, possibly a couple Kodak zi-6 video cameras!

UPDATE: But wait, there’s more! As I was reminded this morning, GeekDad Anton will be bringing a passel of Hexbugs to give away as well!


So if you can be in the Bay Area the weekend of May 30th, go to Maker Faire, the coolest, geekiest event all year. And if you go, stop by the GeekDad booth and say "hi."

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