Finally, Disney Catches Up to Reality with The Princess and the Frog

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Until now, it’s been fitting that the first Disney princess was Snow White. Finally, eleven years after the last official princess movie—Mulan—hit the theaters, Disney has a film coming out with a black princess.

This December, The Princess and the Frog will come out and fill one gaping hole in the Disney princess line, with Tiana, a beautiful young woman from 1920s New Orleans. As you’d expect from a modern Disney princess, she’s a smart and resourceful person, but of course she has a lesson to learn. In other words, she’s not vastly different in personality from the other modern princesses, but her appearance is certainly a breakthrough for a company that’s been accused of being behind the times for years.

It’s fitting, too, that Tiana will become Disney’s first United States princess (Pocahontas was Native American, of course, but pre-U.S.), in the same year that the Obamas came to live the White House. Michelle, Sasha and Malia have been much in the news, of course, and it’s nice to see Disney finally adding a princess to their hugely popular line that reflects the changing face of America.

There still isn’t a Hispanic princess, of course, which would be nice to see. But since it seems they’re waking up to reality, give Disney a little time. I just hope it doesn’t take eleven more years.

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