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Last weekend, Mensa held their annual Mind Games, where hundreds of Mensans play 50+ games to determine which are the top five. The games are rated and evaluated, with plenty of feedback given for the game publishers. The five that come up on top at the end of the weekend earn the right to bear the Mensa Select seal.

Players have about 48 hours to play each of their 30 assigned games. This may sound like plenty of time to play, but remember, even Mensans need to sleep and eat. It definitely takes focus and determination to get all of the assigned games played, but some participants are so efficient that they play all of the 50-60 available games during the weekend. Games are judged on originality, game play, play value, aesthetics and instructions.

You can see the winners after the jump.

Here are this year’s winners.


Cornerstone – This is a 3-D strategy game requiring a steady hand and clever mind in order to build, climb and race to the top before it all comes tumbling down. Good Company Games


Dominion – Players compete to create the best deck of cards by buying action (10 of 25 possible each game), treasure and victory cards. The deck with the most victory points wins! Rio Grande Games, Order phone: (505) 771-8813


Marrakech – Each player takes the role of a salesperson who tries to outwit the others. Roll the dice, move Assam and determine whether you must make a payment to lay a rug. Fundex Games


Stratum – Following the layering laws each player tries to cover up their opponent’s pieces. The player with most exposed pieces wins! Family Games America


Tic-Tac-Ku – An exciting twist on the age old favorite, Tic-Tac-Toe. The game has nine playing areas. Each player determines in which playing area his opponent may play. Object: win the most playing areas. ColorKu

(Descriptions and photos courtesy of Mensa)

Some well-known past Mind Games winners include:

Of the past Mensa Select games that I have played, my favorites are:

Visit the Mensa Mind Games site to see the entire list of past winners or to get details on next year’s Mind Games, to be held in San Diego on April 16-18, 2010. You can still attend if you’re not in Mensa, but you aren’t allowed to judge the games.

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