Wondercon Interviews: Bruce Timm, Virginia Madsen and the Wonder Woman Team – Part 1

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I’ve got a lot of great material from the media round tables I got to do with the folks behind the new Wonder Woman animated film, and I’m working hard to get it all processed and up for viewing.  First off (because he was the first person we got to talk to, not because I’m a tease), is Michael Jelenic, the screenwriter of the movie.  You may also recognize Michael’s name from Batman the Brave and the Bold, The Batman, and a number of other comics-related animated shows.  He’s deep in the world, knows his stuff, and was a great interview – definitely a geek himself, and happy to chat with other geeks about the work he’s doing.  This intereview is about 20 minutes long, and I’ve broken it into two parts for easy digestion.  Enjoy it, and I promise more is to come over the next couple days.

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