Winner of the GeekDads 2nd Anniversary Giveaway

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We celebrated our 2nd anniversary this weekend, you might have heard, and got two separate contests started. One is an amazing partnering with LEGO, where if you send in a picture of you and your kids with a cool model built out of regular LEGOs, you could get your picture on an actual LEGO kit box to be sold in stores. That contest is running through the end of April, so check it out.

The other contest is a simple giveaway.  Well, the celebration is over, and all that’s left is to give out the door prize. We’d like to thank all the GeekDad readers who left their kind messages in the comments section this weekend. Using a highly technical system involving the decay of a radioactive cesium isotope and a cat in a box, we generated a random number, and determined the winner, who is:

Paul C!

Paul’s comment on the Giveaway post was as follows:

Happy Anniversary!

I added GeekDad to my RSS reader fairly recently, as we’ve got our first little one on the way, so I’ve been thinking hard about how to help her grow up right (i.e.: geeky).

I think my favorite post was one a couple months back about the importance that an involved dad can have in his kids’ intellectual development and attitude towards DIY and general geeky confidence. My dad is my hero, in large part because he did that for me. If my kids think half as much of me as I do of him, then I will consider myself a successful dad.

Fantasic! We’ll be getting Paul equipped for his new little geeklet! Congratulations, Paul, on winning the contest, and your impending entry into true geekdad-hood.

It’s been an amazing 2 years, but I think the best is yet to come. So please stick with us, watch out for other giveaways, enter the LEGO Builders of Tomorrow contest, and keep enjoying GeekDad. Thanks!

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