What Every GeekDad Needs for Their Rumpus Room: A Flaming Wet Bar

Geek Culture

Back in the day, it was a luxury feature in new homes to have a little wet bar in the family room or the build-out basement where the pool table and poker-dogs resided.  It was a fixture of the suburban experience. Well, now we’re all grown up, with our own homes, and darn it, we like the occasional brew or glass of vino, too.  But the placid old wet bar just doesn’t have the GeekDad spirit (no, I’m not talking about Maker’s Mark).

How about a bar, with a post-steampunk oil-field design sensibility, and sporting dual burners? We give you the Boiler Bar:

And even if you don’t have permanent space for it, you can rent the Boiler Bar!

Thanks to Yan at Geeks Are Sexy!

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