Review: iPhone Apps for Kids – Hidden Expedition: Everest

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EverestEverestOn car trips, my kids love playing I Spy, which is why I knew they would love Hidden Expedition: Everest the moment I saw it on a friend’s phone. The game is based on a race between you and three AI teams to the world’s tallest mountain with numerous stops around the globe. At each waypoint, you have to scour a landscape or scene for hidden objects.

Each scene is about double the size of the iPhone’s screen, so scrolling and enlarging are necessary to see everything. What’s more, the scenes are chock full of items that aren’t on your list. Tapping an item that you’re not responsible for finding results in the AI teams gaining on your position.

With dozens of scenes, this is a game that kept us occupied for hours on end. And while some scenes repeat, there are so many objects to be found – and what you are asked to find changes – that the game never felt repetitive. I have to admit that I enjoyed this game as much, if not more, than my kids. This game is highly recommended.

Everest is the latest game in a series from Big Fish Games. Previous titles include Hidden Expedition: Titanic (PC only) and Hidden Expedition: Amazon (PC and Mac).

Game info:
Hidden Expedition: Everest costs $1.99 at the iTunes Store. There is a Lite version available at no cost. This game is recommended for ages 4 and older.

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