Make: Day This Saturday


MakedayMakedayIf you’re in the Twin Cities and you have any kind of interest in making, hacking or DIY, you simply must attend Make: Day this Saturday at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

− Make: television projects including a VCR Cat Feeder, Burrito Blaster, Personal Flight Recorder, and many others.
− Geek Squad Agents will dispense their latest tech tips
− Vivid, glowing shadows using flashes of light (Science Museum Staff)
− Robotic Circus (Twin Cities Robotics Group)
− High-powered rocketry (Tripoli Rocket Club)
− Giant T-Shirt Cannon and Pulsejet Engine (Caz Sienkiewicz)
− Experimental instruments fashioned from scavenged objects (Tim Kaiser)
− High energy rhythms, flailing arms, and aural excitement (Savage Aural Hotbed)
− Ultra-modern Electric motorcycle (St. Thomas Academy)
− Amazing static electricity projects (Bakken Museum)
− Printing 3-dimensional objects (Stratasys)
− A remote-controlled, 3-story paint pendulum (Studio Bricolage)

Learn more about Make: Day at the Science Museum’s site… and if you run into GeekDad Dan or myself there, be sure to say hello.

Also, if you have any interest in hacking and making, be sure to check out local DIY organizations: Leonardo’s Basement, Studio Bricolage, and our nascent hacker collective Twin Cities Maker.

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