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We all have our favorite family photos that we like to hang up around the house—pictures of ancestors no longer around, our own wedding pictures, pictures of our children looking particularly adorable. There’s nothing wrong with putting a photograph behind glass in a nice frame and hanging it on the wall, but have you ever thought how nice it would be to have a professionally painted portrait hanging in your house? Really good professional portraits are very expensive, of course, so how about a portrait-sized blowup of a photograph printed on canvas, just as though it was a painting?

I’d never heard of such a thing until the folks at UPrinting contacted me to try out their service. I was a bit skeptical, figuring the results couldn’t look as nice as the pictures on the site, but I went through the steps on their website and waited. The result arrived earlier this week, and I was very impressed. I put the canvas up on the mantelpiece in my living room; you can see the original and the final product for yourself to the right and left, respectively.

The ordering process was very smooth, allowing me to upload the picture (from many different formats, including even PDF) easily. It doesn’t have to be a photo–it’s a site primarily aimed at printing posters–but I can’t quite see why anyone would use gallery-wrapped canvas for anything else. The process has a unique (in my admittedly limited experience, anyway) feature: they will send you a PDF proof of the product, before charging you anything, for your approval, with quick turnaround. Then they MantelMantel will send you the finished product with overnight shipping.

The picture was wrapped so securely it was a bit hard to open, but it was as protected as I think it reasonably could have been. The picture, of my kids in formalwear at my brother-in-law’s wedding and a favorite of my wife’s and mine, looks absolutely stunning blown up and on canvas. The gallery-wrapped effect is very striking, and something you just can’t get with regular photos.

Now, I will say that the these canvas pictures are not inexpensive, but I don’t think they’re overpriced. Given the current state of many people’s budget, my own included, I’m not sure I would do this for a lot of pictures, but if you have one particularly special photo that you know you’ll always want to stop and look at when you pass it, I highly recommend it. There’s also the possibility we’ll be offering services from UPrinting as prizes in future contests here on GeekDad, so stay tuned for that.

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