Only on the Internet: Being Five – A Kid-Friendly Comic Strip About a 5-Year With His Own Blog

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Comic strips have had an interesting time as the old newspaper models die and the internet takes over.  In the old days (you know, more than 10 years ago), the goal for a comic strip was to get picked up by one of the syndication groups and sold around the county to as many papers as possible.  These days, you move to the internet or you don’t survive, and luckily a new generation of artists have grasped this fact – and the freedom it allows from corporate servitude.  But many of these online-only strips are more mature than many of us would want to share with younger kids.

Which brings us to Being Five, by George Sfarnas.  The strip is a very modern concept – a five year-old kid who blogs.  It’s very kid-friendly (meaning the humor is mild for some tastes, but perfectly appropriate for the younger set), and as such perhaps the right thing to start with when you want to spend a few minutes with your tyke on your knee, browsing the net together. Take a look.

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