Lego Bionicle Meets TNG and Terminator

Geek Culture

From Lego Bionicle Headquarters in my house (GeekTeen John’s room) come these Bionicle updates:

Bionicle: Worf is the Great Spirit, the T-101 is a Fanboy, and Teridax Rules the Universe All Year Long.

, the main Bionicle news and fansite, reports that Michael Dorn (aka Lt. Worf, the Klingon security officer from Star Trek: The Next Generation) will be the voice of Mata-Nui in the fourth straight-to-DVD Bionicle movie BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn, coming out this fall. (Sadly, John reports that hardly anyone in the Bionicle community is familiar with ST:TNG.)

Bionicle also got a plug in last Friday’s Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles,  when John Henry, the T-101 robot, was shown playing with Toa Tahu, the Toa of fire. He even gave his backstory.

Bionicle fans will also be happy to hear that Lego’s is running a year-long serial called Reign of Shadows. It’s about Makuta Teridax’s rule of the Bionicle universe, and it’s a very interesting read, if you like the good guys getting beaten on a regular basis.

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