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ToyFair2009IMG_5732ToyFair2009IMG_5732Once again, LEGO promises to excel in the coming year.  They have some solid additions to their existing product lines, and a couple new ones due in August that look like a must have for the holiday season.

LEGO Creator is off to a good start with two new $5 kits, the Mini Jet, and the Mini Off-road.  I like to buy these small sets and try to assemble the parts in the bag.  It’s not possible with all of them, but it is fun to give them as gifts, pre-assembled in the bag.  There are nine Creator kits planned for later in 2009, including the Family Home pictured to the right.

Technic starts out with a Quad Bike, and Rally Truck and should finish strong in August with kit 8264 Hauler.  If you look close at the picture on Flickr you can see the bed of the truck uses an electric linear motor as a lift.  This will surely make an interesting addition to the NXT if it is compatible.

ToyFair2009IMG_5751ToyFair2009IMG_5751My favorite new LEGO, and possibly my favorite series of 2009 will be the Space Police.  Based on the concept of intergalactic cops and robbers, these sets add a lot of new heads, faces, and colors for the minifigs.  Available in August with 5 sets under $20 these should be easy on the pocket book.

I have always enjoyed the City series.  This year the city is under construction with the Construction Site, Dozer and Crawler Crane.  Other sets fill out the year including a few Farm sets in March, and a City Corner, Camper, and Helicopter Transporter in August.

Also new for 2009 and available in stores already are the Pirates, Arrr.  The Kraken looks awesome, and  Brickbeard’s Bounty should be a hit with any geeklet who wants to sail the seven seas.

Tomorrow I will have more LEGO news, including the updated NXT 2.0, Agents 2.0,and  Racers.  I’ve uploaded more LEGO pictures to Flickr and added them to the NYC Toy Fair: LEGO set if you’d like a sneak peak.

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