Enjoy the Sounds of Classic Arcade Videogames

Geek Culture

Another example of why I love the internet.  This fellow, back in the day, taped the ambient sounds of video games being played, and stored the recordings away for the future.  Well, the future is now:

Luckily I stored all fourteen audio tapes in a safe place and rediscovered them when I moved the rest of my stuff out of my parents house in 1997. In the last several years I digitized these nostalgic recordings to preserve and share them.

Experience the magic and the wonder of the early years of coin-op video games. Hear the classic arcade ambience like you haven’t heard it in over a quarter of a century! The blend of several video games being played simultaneously, the kids yelling and the quarters clanking. We will never hear such beautiful chaos quite the same way again….

There are fourteen playlists streaming dozens of different games, from Defender and DigDug to Avenger and Bionic Commando.  I could just have this on in the background while I’m working, and have a smile all day.  Check it out at Coin-Op Videogames.

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