5th Graders Best College Students in Egg-drop Contest

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Okay.  This is just fabulous…a group of 5th grade girls beat a group of college students in an egg-drop contest.

In celebrating Engineering Week, with a specific focus to promote science and engineering among female grade school, high school, and college students, Case Western Reserve University hosted the annual Egg-drop Contest.

Materials allowed to cushion the egg from a six, twelve, and twenty-foot drop only included:

  • sticks,
  • rubber bands,
  • straw,
  • tape,
  • string,
  • sheets of paper

The 5th-graders from Laurel School beat the Case Engineering students at the twenty-foot drop level.  There must be a bunch of GeekDads and GeekMoms very proud of their 11-12 year-old daughters!

Here is the news link, and the video link of the final 20-foot drop.

The young lady scientists were very nervous during trials because their eggs were cracking during the drops.  GeekDad gives a tip-o-the-hat to these young women.  Congratulations ladies!

[via Fark]

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