Quick Project: 12¢ Perpetual Calendar

Geek Culture

The quasi-evil geniuses over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories have ginned up a cheap way to entertain yourself with, of all things, a calendar.

At first glance, this is about as sensical as one of those crazy watches from Japan.   

Looking a little more closely, you can start to see the pattern. There are three columns with three, four, and five pennies in them. In the three columns, we use heads or tails to spell out a binary number for the day of week, month, and date (day of the month).

I’ll admit, I don’t do binary, but I’ve always wanted to learn. Seems like this might be a good way — supremely inexpensive, and useful. And not a bad way to entertian a mathematically-inclined GeekKid on a closed-up winter day!

(via MAKE)

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