Had Enough Cake Yet? I Didn’t Think So…

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We’ve posted some cool geek cakes here at GeekDad. Some of them have been pretty awesome, but as a fantasy reader, I thought I’d seen the pinnacle when I found the flickr gallery of Astro-Lopithecus and the astounding dragon cake pictured here. The level of detail, the artistry, the coloring. It’s an incredible sculpture in flour and icing done for the 30th birthday of a lucky gamer.

Alas, I was foolish enough to follow Astro’s link to Mike’s Amazing Cakes, whereupon I got my mind blown. Superhero cakes, fantasy castle cakes, biplane cakes. Cakes Seussian and Mother Goose-ian. Want a cake shaped like LEGO blocks? Mike McCarey has done it (in his own words, he will build "anything that’s possible within the limits of gravity and physics.")

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Knights in armor. The Master Chief’s helmet. Pirates! (Alack, no ninjas, though I’m sure they’re available for the asking). As I clicked through the gallery, I admit to drop-jawed astonishment at what the guy is doing. I wish I could link directly to some, but the one flaw in the whole arrangement (aside from the annoyingly Disney-esque background music) is that the the entire site is done in Flash. So no direct links. Still, I was suitably impressed.

Then, though, Mike went and stole my geeky little heart with this. A Mars-ipan lander? Truly, this is nerd-vana.

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