What do GeekDads do on Christmas Night?

Hacking the Holidays

All the excitement has settled down.  Dinner is over, the dished are clean, the wrapping paper is bagged, and the grandparents have left for their homes (mostly over the river and through the woods). But in a GeekDad household, the work is never quite done.

If, for example, grandparents bought the younger son a new iPod Nano, dad has to get it set up on iTunes so an album or two and Sims Bowling can be loaded.  Older son received a new PSP, which means Dad needs to set up that syncing software, too.  And mom, well, she got a new MacBook, and needs to be patiently taught how to use multi-touch gestures.  Yes, in a techie household, it’s the GeekDad who has the most post-presents work to do.

So let’s hear from everyone else, who is taking a moment to log in and wind down after an exciting, family-filled day.  What cool new gadgets did you get? What did you have to put together, plug in, sync up, or otherwise prepare for everyday use for a family member who is not quite as geeky?

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