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Who should be the new U.S. Secretary for Geek Affairs? That’s what Paul and Storm, the funny and geeky musical duo about whom I’ve written recently, want to know. Since Barack Obama is, of course, going to be the first geek President of the United States, they reason, he ought to create this new post. And, as good geeks, they want to help him find just the right person for the job. In order to do this, they have devised a Geek Madness tournament, a la March Madness, to allow you to vote for your favorite geek.

The Geek Madness tournament includes all sorts of geeks, including many real, live ones but also several real, dead ones and quite a few fictional ones. A lot of the matchups, even in the first round, are pretty tough to vote on (e.g., Wil Wheaton vs. Bruce Campbell or Spock vs. Vint Cerf). Some seem obvious, at least to me, like John Hodgman vs. Ben Stein, but then I lost all respect I ever had for Stein some time ago, and I find Hodgman hysterical.

The complete bracket is available on Paul and Storm’s website along with the list of the Secretary’s duties. You can vote until this Sunday on the first round in the Do’Urden Region, and voting in the other regions will be in coming weeks. Enjoy!

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