The Happiest Days Of Our Lives Available Tomorrow in Bonus-Laden, Enhanced Audio Version

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Happiest_cover_smHappiest_cover_smOne of our most favorite geeky dads, Wil Wheaton, is releasing the audio version of his latest book, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, tomorrow at noon, Pacific. The book, Wheaton’s third, is a wonderful collection of stories about growing up in the 70s & 80s and – as is always the case with Wheaton – geekiness abounds. Video games, rpgs, Star Wars and, of course, Star Trek all feature prominently in these stories.

Our own Ken Denmead reviewed the book back in October of 2007 and called THDOOL "… a charming, heart-warming, laugh-inducing, tear-jerking, and even envy-inducing read."

Plus, this may be your only opportunity to check out THDOOL if you haven’t already, since the book is sold out, with no current plans for a reprint.

For those who came of age during those two awkward decades, THDOOL is a full-on, faster-than-light trip down memory lane. While reading the book, I often found myself grinning foolishly as Wheaton’s stories reminded me of my own childhood experiences. More than once I laughed out the words "OH YEAH!" as Wheaton jogged my memory of a toy, game or moment that had long been forgotten.

The audio version of THDOOL is packed full of what Wheaton calls "audio footnotes" — anecdotes and story details that can’t be found in the print version (or anywhere else). Having first read, then listened to, Just A Geek, I can vouch that  Wheaton’s additional content is well worth the price of admission — even if you’ve already given the book a thumb through.

To pick up a copy of the audio version, be sure to check in over at WWdN tomorrow at noon, Pacific, for the low price of $19.72 (the year Wheaton was born).

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