Reduce, Reuse … Resume Shooting at Rebels?

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Milk Jug Stormtrooper HelmetMilk Jug Stormtrooper Helmet

Milk Jug Stormtrooper Helmet. Original photos from, used with permission.

Here’s a new way to get your kids to drink their milk: tell them when they’re done, you’ll make a Stormtrooper helmet with the empty jugs. The creative mom at Filth Wizardry came up with this fantastic re-purposing of two milk jugs and some craft paint. Sure, the chin looks a little like Jay Leno as a Stormtrooper, but it’s still pretty awesome. Combine this with her easy lightsaber hack and you’ll be all set for your Star Wars Halloween party.

Not to be outdone, her husband has his own blog, Fangletronics, showing how he made a little Millennium Falcon playset for his daughters. (That one may be harder to reproduce as it uses some thrift store finds, but it’s still worth a look.)

There are a bunch of other fun projects on both sites—go check them out!

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