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We are now in Samhein, the period between Halloween and the Winter Solstice, when the veil between this world and the next becomes thin enough for inhabitants of one realm to pass through to the other. For many cultures, this period of waning daylight is fraught with dread, and inspires a search for a higher power or powers to help mankind survive until the sun returns again.

I know all this because I’m at work on a book about Myths and Legends, in the course of which I’ve come across a great resource for those interested in the gods of every region on Earth. Godchecker is not only thorough, it’s also fun to read and filled with lively illustrations by Godchecker-in-Chief Chas Saunders.

Although the entire site is worth browsing, there are two articles that GeekDad readers will really appreciate:

Lego_gods_togetherLego_gods_togetherThe Gods in Lego

Rowan Allen, Godchecker’s most enthusiastic acolyte, has created a whole pantheon of new Gods out of Lego! … Rowan’s Gods seem to cover a whole range of countries and cultures, from the Incan DISPO to the Oceanic OOGABUBBA.

Mythmatics – The Mythology Of Numbers

…In the Bible there are the Magi, popularly known as the Three Wise Men, who put it about that they were actually kings. Did this get them free board and lodging in Bethlehem? (Godchecker Factoid: Actually, the Bible doesn’t state how many Magi there were. There might have been a whole flock of them.)

You’re guaranteed to learn something here — and to get a good laugh at the same time.

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