Take Home a Monster Mii Today!

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If you’re like me, you’ve felt a bit constrained by the Nintendo Wii’s Mii Channel—not because it doesn’t get quite as close to recreating your face as you’d like, but because it’s hard to create anything weird-looking enough to be cool. How awesome would it be to have a couple of space aliens or vampires or just really bizarre-looking Miis around for when you’re playing Wii Sports, Wii Fit or Wii Play or one of the various other games that uses them?

Well, BoingBoing Offworld, an excellent new videogame-oriented blog that aims for the little-known games more than the blockbusters, has come to our rescue. Thursday, in partnership with comic artist James Kochalka, they launched a regular Monster Mii feature. Every so often, Kochalka will create a new Mii that looks appropriately monsterish, and Offworld will post about it and publish it to the Check Mii Out Channel for anyone to download. The first one is called Kzorx, and instructions on how to download him can be found on Offworld.

I think we need more people to do things like this, because weirdness is a good thing. And good luck to Brandon, the Editor of Offworld!

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