Snow Day!


Living in the Midwest, snow days are a part of the winter experience.  They normally crop up with little warning and throw schedules wildly out of whack.  Today is one of those days – all the schools are closed, lots of churches and businesses and day cares have done the same.  I’m going to be telecommuting. So what to do to occupy the kids’ time?  The GeekMom and I have a few ideas…

First, we’ll let the kids revel in their freedom and celebrate with whoops and cheering.

Second, we’ll wake the GeekTeen (who can sleep through whoops and cheering) otherwise it will be half-past tomorrow before an appearance is made.

Third, with the ramp-up to the holidays, doctor appointments, school events, and other stuff going on during the day, the GeekMom has been feeling the stress of things left undone at home.  With kids that are old enough to clean bathrooms, change sheets, vacuum, sweep, and dust…well, you know where this is going.  "Cleaning Day!" will be the rally cry of the GeekMom and with her sharp organizational and multi-tasking abilities they will have the house whipped into shape in no time. 

Fourth, we’ve got to clear the driveway and sidewalks.  I’ll run the snowblower and I’ve got several snow shovels that are perfect for the kids.  Given how this particular storm is coming in, we’ll be clearing a couple of times today just to keep it manageable.  [It’s coming in at a good clip…3.5 inches of snow at 4am, 4.8 inches at 5am, and 6.3 inches at 6am…]

Now, I will pause for a few moments…lest you think the GeekMom and I are total curmudgeons and task masters. It is not an all-work day. 

The GeekMom is thinking it might be a great day to make some Christmas cookies – so cleaning will probably happen after the cookies are made…

Snow Ball FightSnow Ball Fight
There will be snowball fights to be had, snow forts to be built, sledding runs to be trailblazed, and hot chocolate and (fresh) cookies to be served while the snow gear is drying in the dryer. Then lather, rinse, repeat.

There will be Wii tournaments and movies.  The current favorite for the Wii is Mario and Sonic at the Olympics.  Olympic and World records will be shattered, and trash talk will be allowed (but kept in check).

As for movies, that’s a bit of an unknown right now.  We do have Kung-Fu Panda from NetFlix…but will the weather and time of year inspire dusting off the old VHS copies of Rudolph, Frosty, and company?

With all of that going on today, before we know it, it will be dinner time.  Maybe homemade pizza?

We’re gonna need our strength – there’s more snow on the way Saturday/Sunday and (if the forecast holds) Tuesday.

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