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Jerry over at Cartoon Brew is asking for help to select the 100 Greatest Looney Tunes.

I know all of you have a list buried somewhere in the back of your brain, and if you’ve been dutiful geekdads, you’ve indoctrinated (corrupted?) your offspring into the world of Bugs. My 5-year-old is already able to recall classic lines in perfect context ("Shall we try it again, MY way?" – I’m so proud. Plus, I can’t deny I’ve not felt like Gruesome Gorilla from time to time). Many masterpieces are missing from the lists in the comments so far, which is saddening me so close to Christmas. For the record, here is mine:

Rabbit of Seville
Ali Baba Bunny
Rabbit Seasoning
What’s Opera Doc
Bugs and Thugs
Baseball Bugs
Little Red Riding Rabbit
Bowery Bugs
Gorilla My Dreams
Homeless Hare
A Hare Grows in Brooklyn

Yeah, you could lean toward animation and artfulness but Looney Tunes for me have always been about character, storytelling, and atmosphere. I have always been a fan of Road Runner, it’s easy formula honed Chuck Jones’s genius to razor sharpness. In terms of raw character and scripting, it is tough to leave out Ol’ Foghorn. But there it is. Let’s hear your top toons and be sure to weigh in over at Cartoon Brew!

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