Holiday Wrap-up + a Few More Freebies

Hacking the Holidays

With Christmas finally here, it’s time to wrap up a loose end and point out a few more seasonal freebies.

Let’s start with the loose end.  A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Barenaked Ladies and in the interview, mentioned that it would be nice to see a BNL tune (preferably "One Week") show up in the Rock Band catalog.  BNL‘s Ed Robertson responded that he’d been "hounding them forever!" about having a track included.  Well, this week Barenaked Ladies finally made their appearance via the Rock Band DLC holiday track "Hanukkah Blessings".  It may not be "One Week," but then again it only costs you 99 cents.  Remember to check that post to score a free download of BNL‘s rollicking, kid-pleasing version of "Jingle Bells".

Speaking of holiday freebies, it’s not to late to add to the Christmas song collection.  Dick Van Dyke (yes, that Dick Van Dyke) has been performing with his band, Dick Van Dyke & The Vantastix since 2000.  They have an impressive collection of kid-friendly classics available on CD, including versions of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (my spell checker hates that one). A portion of CD sales are being donated to Feed The Children, so you can feel even better about a purchase.  But where does the freebie come into this?  Surf on over to their site and you can download a free MP3 of Dick Van Dyke reading Twas The Night Before Christmas, accompanied by the Vantastix.  Here’s a clip of the Christmas classic they put up on YouTube:

Finally, you may remember a post from way back at the start of the month about a graphic novel called The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli.  Well, if you’re looking for a little quiet time for the kids over the holidays, Captn’ Eli publisher Nemo Publications is offering a new, 31 page Commander X Adventure for free, online viewing (there’s a printer-friendly version available as well).

Finally, whatever holiday you and your family celebrate this time of year, I wish you all the best.  Be safe and enjoy.

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