WoW Gamer is One-Man Raid Team

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A World of Warcraft gamer known only as ‘Prepared’ may have become the king of "multi-boxers," or players who control many players simultaneously over multiple computers. He current leads a a raid party of 36 Shaman characters, spread out over 11 machines… Hopefully, in his own basement and not his parents’.

This "hobby" of his does not come without a substantial financial investment. Prepared’s annual subscriptions for all of his characters run him $5,711 USD per year.  And then there are the upgrades. When the "Wrath of the Lich King" Expansion Pack is released next month, he plans to be first at the store. The 36 copies with tax should set him back approximately $1,500 USD.

No word on how much all of the computer hardware to run it cost or whether Prepared has actually kissed a girl in real life.

Joystiq via Yahoo Games

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