Sieve Analyisis for LEGOS

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This one is another of those cold-call emails from someone pushing a new product to the editor of a blog.  Usually, these will go nowhere.  However, there were two things that this email had in its favor: first, the person emailing was the actual inventor of the product, and second, the product was a REALLY good idea, and a REALLY good match for GeekDad.

Take a look at the Box 4 Blox, a storage box and organizing device for your LEGOs.  This one really appeals to the civil engineer in me, too.  I’ve read my fair share of soils reports in my day (real page turners, let me tell you), and I remember taking the courses back in college about grading soils using sieves.  This box does the same thing with LEGOs.  Each of the stacking trays had smaller openings in them, such that the tallest track only catches the largest bricks, the second the medium bricks, the third gets the small bricks, and the bottom tray catches the little itty-bitty ones.  The perfect answer to dealing with a mess of blocks – why not sort them and store them in one step?

Do you think I should tell them to send some free samples to Matt Armstrong?

Link to Box 4 Blox.

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