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Nicole Campos at LA Weekly just put up a fun article about the geeky actors and actresses they’d love to see paired up.  We strongly approve of many of their choices:

Nathan Fillion and Katee Sackhoff
Okay, so we’re starting off with a bit of a cheat: These two have already shared top billing together. As any die-hard sci-fi lover will tell you, however, the smouldering, charming rogue of Firefly and Dr. Horrible and the sexy, tomboy hard case of Battlestar Galactica definitely deserve a do-over when that first pairing was the direct-to-video stinker White Noise 2: The Light.
Doesn’t have to be sci-fi, either; a clever spy thriller, maybe, or a straight-up action adventure would fit these two endlessly charismatic powerhouses like a glove. The only requisites are explosions, ass-whuppins, and plenty of room for acerbic one-liners bursting at the seams with sexual tension. If Joss Whedon writes it, all the better.

Simon Pegg and Tina Fey
In their respective countries, these two are already A-list. Fey’s
Sarah Palin impression has been a constant headline-get and she just won three Emmys for 30 Rock. Meanwhile in his native UK, Pegg’s last three films opened at #1 (Run Fatboy Run
held the top spot for five weeks – holla!). Cross the pond for either, though, and they’re still more or less cult favorites beloved by a dedicated group of comedy aficionados, not to mention textbook examples of “the thinking man’s/woman’s sex symbol.” So let’s do our part for foreign relations and get them in a vehicle together, something meaty and hilarious in the vein of Lost In America or The Out-of-Towners
(duh, the original of course!); they’d be fab as a bickering couple way over their heads forced to rediscover why they fell in love in the first place. Geekily.


Stop on by LA Weekly to see the rest of the list.

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