GeekDad Builds The Biggest LEGO Kit Ever – LEGO Taj Mahal

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LegosweatshopLegosweatshopFor the past week, it feels like I’ve been running a Lego sweat shop. Hour after hour, my kids and I worked our way through 5,922 (very small) pieces to complete the Lego Taj Mahal — Lego’s biggest kit, piece-wise, to date. It took us more than 19 hours to finish the model, which is 20 inches square and about 16 inches tall.

We had a blast building it, hunting for all the pieces and putting them together. Each step of the way, I took a photo and put together a short video of the build — step-by-step.

Once again, Lego really knocked one out of the park. I’ve really become a big fan of their monument series – the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower … and now the Taj Mahal. Unlike some of the large scale Star Wars models, the monument kits are far more sturdy and less nerve-wracking to build.

The model was a great opportunity for education, too. All during our construction, we talked about where the Taj Mahal is located, how it’s really a mausoleum, and some history about why it’s so famous.



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