Geekdad invents the best Lego Sumobots ever

Geek Culture


This is what the ill-fated Lego Spybotics should have been. Master Lego Mindstorms builder (and geek dad) Steve Hassenplug has come up with the easiest-to-program sumo bots ever. Use the new Mindstorms RFID sensor, he’s created cards with pre-programmed attack and defense moves on them. The kids just decide which cards they want to use, pass them over the RFID reader on each bot, and they’re ready to fight. It’s like Pokemon but with real robots!

This is incredibly cool and all I can say is that Lego should make this into a product ASAP. In the meantime you can build your own, or you can just as soon as Steve finishes the documentation.

Here’s a video that says it all. Do you know any kid who wouldn’t love this?

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