Birth of a Meme: Felicia Day Gets Bad Horse Chorused at PAX

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If the Penny Arcade Expo has a star, it’s not Gabe or Tycho. It’s not special guests like MC Frontalot or Wil Wheaton. It’s not even veritable champions of nerdery like PAX ’08 Omegathon winner Joey Gecko. No, it’s geeky culture itself. And when we gather to celebrate our own, wackiness invariably ensues.

Much of this year’s revelry came compliments of the always-exciting PAX musical stage. It was from this locality, for example, that nerd music icon Jonathan Coulton pulled off what may be the world’s largest onstage RickRoll. Yes, he employed that well-worn meme in an exciting and creative manner, much to the delight of those in attendance.

But PAX ’08 also saw the birth of a new and powerful, if oddly specific, meme: The Bad Horse Chorus.

In attendance at this year’s convention was one Miss Felicia Day, also known as Penny of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog fame. And whist greeting fans, Felicia was besieged by a trio of mustachioed minstrels compliments of Epic Default Productions.  As if being groomed by Tycho wasn’t unsettled enough!

EDIT: The Epic Default guys just let me know that they also managed to get G4′s Adam Sessler, Jonathan Coulton and Wil Wheaton, and even Gabe and Tycho (at a Q&A panel) with this gag. Apparently the Evil League of Evil is woefully understaffed.

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