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D20soapD20soapAre you one of the subset of gamers known for being "differently hygenic"? Or do you merely find yourself missing the smooth polyhedral forms of your dice while showering? Either way, Milaka and Jeff Strand of Two Strands Soap Works have a solution for you: soap with dice embedded in the bar. Check out their five varieties:

Breath of Life has a rich, mystical fragrance that’s warm and spicy. It lathers up great and will rinse away the stench of the grave!

Orc OFF! smells spicy with a touch of sweetness. It lathers up great and will wash away the horrid stench from belly crawling through dungeons.

Lair of Dreams has the spicy sensual fragrance of almonds. It lathers up great and will ward off any evil Old Ones from beyond the stars!

Elven Fruits has a heady, citrus fragrance that is lemony, yet warm. It lathers up great and will rinse away the noxious smell of dwarves.

Lavendryad is devoted solely to the sweet, herbal scent of lavender. It lathers up great and will surely draw those sensuous beings out of the trees!

The bars weigh between 2.5 and 3 ounces, are 100% vegan, and contain natural glycerine, jojoba oil, vitamin E, lemon grass, lemon verbena and citronella perfume oils, along with a standard d20 die! The cost is $9 per bar and they are available exclusively on Paizo.com’s awesome online store. Also see Two Strands’ Etsy site for other soapy goodness.

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