Your Galaxy, Any Way You Like It

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We’ve been passed the 411 on a fun new science-fiction wiki called Galaxiki, for folks who want to do a little world-building:

Galaxiki is a wiki based online galaxy – each star, each planet and each moon is represented by one wiki page that can be edited by its site members.

It’s a fantastic place for science fiction and fantasy lovers: name stars, planets and moons, design your own solar system, invent alien creatures and write fictional histories or planets and civilisations.

Membership is free and there are thousands of community solar systems that can be edited, but it’s also possible to get your own, personal solar system.

What a perfect tool for planning and organizing a story, or somewhere to let your kids’ imaginations loose to create, and explore other people’s creations.  Heck, I could see some sort of crossover with the many science fiction play-by-email RPGs out there, or perhaps an open-source place to keep track of the worlds we create in Spore later this year.

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