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StmirrormirrorStmirrormirror Star Trek: the Original Series

"Mirror Mirror"

All of the classic episodes of the classic series all have their various claims-to-fame.  This one can probably make the claim of the most referred to episode in the series.  All of the goatee-ed evil twin references along should…  Hey, wait a minute…  Our own editor, Ken Denmead, wears a goatee…  Hurmm…


Kirk (to representative of the Halkan Council): Let us mine your dilithium crystals.

Halkan Rep: No, we can’t trust you with all those dilithium crystals.

Kirk: Darn.

KR: Are you going to kill us now?

Kirk: No, and that’s why you should let us mine the crystals anyway.

KR: Hmm…

So Kirk, Scotty, McCoy, and Uhura beam back to the Enterprise.  Because neither Spock, nor a dispensible red-shirt
(yes, there’s a wiki article about them) ready to die, are available the universe goes topsy-turvy and the four of them go to the Mirror Universe where the good guys are bad and vice versa.
Kirk and company must simultaneously tackle the problem of passing as bad people without hurting anyone, while actually solving the problem of returning to their original universe.  All jokes aside, this is a great episode with a great plot and lots of action.

The Pup’s Response

Spock looks so ugly with the beard.  She was hooked.

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