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SwingSwingThis is the fifth summer we have rewarded our boys for reading tons of books.  In the early years, it was a good excuse for my wife to sit down any time and read to them.  Now the older two can read well on their own and pick out their own books.  They’d read anyways, but the goal at the end makes it fun.

Their reading charts hang on the wall. Every chapter they read (or have read to them) completes a cell.  If they meet their goal, they get a trip to the Minnesota State Fair at the end of August.

This year, she expanded the club to the other kids on our block.  Five kids (ages 3-13) plus our three boys attend every Wednesday. From 11:00 to 12:00 it is reading time. Our neighbors and friends have dropped off extra books and some are stopping by to read with the kids. 

Read the rules after the jump.


1. Reading club is for reading.  If you want to play come back later.

2. Kind words and a good attitude are required or you will be asked to leave.

3. You must attend reading club in order to have lunch.

4. Please do not remove books from the front porch unless you check them out.

5. Always remember that reading is important!



She now keeps a box of books on the front porch all day long.  Kids drop by and curl up on the swing or gather around a teenager reading under the maple tree.

Were you part of a neighborhood book club as a kid?  Have you run one yourself or helped out? 

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