MC Frontalot Shills for G4, Nerdiness Ensues

Geek Culture

Updated 6/19/08: The folks at G4 sent along a new embedded version of the ad, presumably a bit cleaner than the Youtube version.  Enjoy! (Ed.)

G4, your basic cable source for gamer programming, Japanese sports entertainment, and, for some strange reason, COPS reruns, is presently launching a new advertising campaign under the auspicious banner "It’s a Nerd’s World." To deliver this message of geeky empowerment, the network has turned to nerd rap visionaries MC Frontalot, MC Lars, YTCracker, and Del the Funkee Homosapien.

Last month the artists jetted out to Hollywood to record their spots, and Frontalot‘s vignette, unofficially entitled "Twenty-Six Hundred," is now available on YouTube. It’s a lyrical meditation on old school console gaming that also features the talents of Canadian beatsmith and frequent nerdcore collaborator Baddd Spellah.

Peep the oldness goodness.

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