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SocalledSocalledI was a little worried when I saw the piano wheeled out, followed by the unassuming balding guy with the slightly disorderly remaining hair (as an unassuming balding guy with slightly disorderly remaining hair myself, I can say that).  And the Yiddish theater music from the 1920′s…

But Yiddish rapper Josh Dolgin (aka "socalled") blew the roof off the joint, hammering on his sampler, flailing about with his mic and even pulling out an accordion as well.  I thought I’d heard just about everything, but turns out I was wrong.  And if the music falters, Dolgin proved he has mad magician skillz too.

Check out "socalled," the self-proclaimed Klez-Funk Hip Hop Maestro if you truly want to hear something different.  Socalled’s MySpace page is a good start, but keep in mind some lyrics may not be 100% kid and/or work safe…


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