GeekDad Contest #3: D&D Self Portraits!

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Contest3_2Contest3_2A few scarce hours remain!  Remember, midnight Friday is the deadline for this contest.

And just to tantalize you further, I want to announce additional prizes! Kobold Quarterly, the best RPG magazine out there right now, has generously agreed to supply a paper magazine to the winner, and PDF copies to everyone else. That’s right, everyone who submits will get a free PDF copy of KQ #5.

The Challenge: Create parent-kid self portraits of yourselves as D&D characters. Each entry should consist of one or more parents with one or more kids, each individual drawing his or her own portrait. If the geeklets participating are too young to draw recognizable figures, scribbles are OK!

Media: Let’s stick with traditional media — crayons, paints, pencils, etc. No digital media, please. Drawings should be on a single sheet.

Entering: Scan your portraits and upload them to the GeekDad Flickr pool. If you want to add cute descriptions to the photo, even better. Please tag your photo "geekdadcontest3".

Judging Criteria: The GeekDads will vote on which ones we like. However, please note that any Jar Jars, Cylons and so on will be disqualified. Your drawing must show you and your kid(s) as D&D characters.

Deadline: Midnight, June 6th, 2008. Not coincidentally, the release date of the 4th Edition rules of Dungeons & Dragons! Sorry, any entries received after midnight CST will be consigned to the Slave Pits of the Undercity.


1st prize: 4th Edition Player’s Handbook, a Shadowmoor theme deck, and a  paper copy of Kobold Quarterly #5.

2nd Prize: H1: Keep on the Shadowfell, a Shadowmoor theme deck, and a PDF copy of Kobold Quarterly #5.

3rd Prize: D&D Miniatures Pack, a Shadowmoor theme deck, and a PDF copy of Kobold Quarterly #5.

Additionally, all non-winning entrants will get a KQ PDF.

Good luck and thanks! And a big thank-you to Wizards of the Coast and Wolfgang Baur for donating our fabulous prizes.

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