Daily Lego: Exterminate!

Geek Culture

Of all the GeekDads, I am easily the least Lego-minded, but even I had to stand up and take note of these fine specimens from Scottish Legosmith – which, if is isn’t already a word, totally should be – Steven Locke.

Locke, also known as LegoAvon, has an amazing collection of constructs posted at his Flickr, but it’s this work-in-progress black Dalek and matching Davros that caught my eye. A cursory look through  his sets also reveals a 33-photo lesson on building your own Lego Dalek.

While I won’t pretend I have the skillz (not the “z”) for such and undertaking, even mechanically backwards souls such as myself can admire the superlative craftsmanship of planet Skaro.

Via the Brothers Brick

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