Geek Culture

I remember a sense of joy and wonder walking into the big office supply store with my mom when I was a kid.  There were so many cool things: strange and exciting writing implements, and elegant papers, envelopes and so on (red Swingline anyone?).  One item for which the variety always seemed especially vast and interesting was the eraser.  So it’s no surprise that, like so many other things, there are people who collect erasers and are fonts of knowledge for their uses and histories.  Patti over at Makezine posted this week about such folks:

One of my favorite things about the Internet is discovering people’s collections of things. This time it was erasers. ErasersWorld is a chatty and thorough look at the author’s collection; Joy of Erasers has more of a blog-type tone, including coverages of other people’s erasers and industry news. I also found this BNET article on how erasers are made, and a how-to on making your own erasers.

Drilling down a bit, I was thrilled to find a Flickr group for eraser collectors, too!

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