The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Geek Culture

We all remember doing science fair projects back in our school days.  For my part, I recall creating a working two-way combination speaker/microphone with some wire and the cores dug out of big old flashlight battery (what a mess, and I’m scared to know what toxics I was exposed to).  Well, this week in Atlanta, GA, the big show of science fairs gets going: The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

It’s world’s largest annual international pre-college (grades 9-12)
science competition where some 1,500 high school students from over 50
countries are showing their research projects and vying for more than
$3 million in awards and scholarships.

The best part? Intel has decided to send yours truly, the lowly Editor of GeekDad, to Atlanta to cover the fair for two days!  I’ll be at the fair Thursday and Friday, taking pictures and video, talking to the kids and the adults (and especially any geeky parents) who are so passionate about science.  And if any of our readers are going as well, please drop me a line at my contact email, and I’ll make sure to connect with you and hopefully include you in my posts from the fair!

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