RFID Tags: Invasion of Privacy or a New Kind of Art?

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171587228_f78f978bd8171587228_f78f978bd8You’ve heard of them, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID, pronounced arfid) tags, little transmitter chips that broadcast your identity to airline check-in stations as well as to anyone who has a RFID snooper. The phenomenon has all sorts of people up in arms over the possibility we’d be tracked wherever we go, or that criminals could clone our identities from nearby.

Some people use the technology to make art.

This year, the Dana Centre’s festival has asked us to run a 1 day RFID workshop on May 14th. Lead by Alex Zivanovic and Nick Weldin, this intensive 5 hour workshop will be followed by an exhibition of the work produced.

Registration is free and open to at least 30 people. You will get to play with RFID modules, antennas and tags and an RFID shield for Arduino. These components will be sold on site.

To be able to get something out of it, we advise people to have a solid understanding of Arduino already as 5 hours is very little time and Alex and Nick won’t go over the basics. If you’re a newbie but desperate to get going, do email me and I’ll make sure you’re put in a team with people who will help you get there faster.

"Technology and design consultancy" tinker.it is offering the class in associated with the TakeAway Festival. To learn more go to http://www.takeawayfestival.com/node/129. (Note, the class is in London!)

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